The unfortunate triumph of communism

July 11, 2007

 It has been bothering me for quite sometime to write about 1989 tiananmen uprising in China. For those who do not have any clue about it, let me just brief you. The communist party of China(CPC) came to power in 1949 after it defeated the right-wing KMT in the Chinese civil war. After that the whole of China was unified under a single party system and strict authoritarian government came into control. But after years of oppression and after many ruthless atrocities committed against its own people, the Chinese government were faced with a an extraordinary challenge, one they had never contemplated on. This was the student uprising at the tiananmen square in Beijing, which sent shockwaves through the Chinese politburo. The government had only two choices, either to acknowledge that there was a growing hatred for the government and its policies or to crush the revolt with an iron hand. The government vowed to crush the revolt and sent hundreds of troops to Beijing and the square looked like a army base within couple of days. The people were very cooperative at first, some even handed out flowers to the soldiers and politely ask to reason out why they had been stationed against them. But soon the constant sight of the tanks and guns just proved to be too much for the ordinary citizen and violence broke out. But the soldiers did not even hesitate a bit to fire at 100’s of unarmed civilians who had just assembled to voice their protest against a tyrannical government in the first place. The days that followed witness some of history’s most shocking massacre’s which is no less than a genocide. These were Chinese soldiers mind you, not some mercenaries or soldiers from enemy countries. Commanding soldiers to fire upon fellow citizens is no ordinary task, for this they need to be meticulously be trained to see people as only targets without any attachment, kindness or guilt. That was exactly what the Chinese govt achieved, and boy! i must say what a great achievement that was. Within 4 days the entire uprising was crushed and the death toll estimates ranged between a mere 200 (according to CPC) to 7000 (according to US Nato estimates).

Coming back to why i was so bent on writing about this was that i saw a great documentary on PBS Frontline. Like any other Frontline documentary this was straight to the core, no gimmicks, no michael moorisms, no soundtrack, just solid hardcore reporting. It was called Gates of heaven. What struck me the most was when the reporter asked a group of students in Beijing what they thought about this iconic tank man photo.

the tank man

the tankman at square

Now the tankman was chosen by Time magazine as one of the 20 revolutionaries of the 20th century along with Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, but those poor students at the Beijing school did not have the slightest clue what it was all about. The documentary told how the Chinese govt had worked very cautiously to censor any images of the tankman (run a search in google China about tankman and you get vague irrelevant results) and how they have successful altered history. All these were reminiscent of an Orwellian society the Chinese lived in. People there did not have even a faint knowledge about their past or their inherent powers as individuals. Then i had an epiphany, what the documentary failed to report was the fact the not only could they recognize the tankman, but they were unable to make out an act of rebellion. When he showed the pictures to the students, they had no idea what the character in photo was up to. One student even asked whether it was some kind of parade. Clearly to you and me, if we look at that picture, even if we had no prior knowledge of that fateful protest, we would correctly identify it as an act of rebellion, but the poor students could not even decipher what was going on. That is the unfortunate triumph of communism. How the Chinese govt erased one of the bravest uprising in its history fails in comparison to what they had indeed achieved with their mind control tactics. It is as if they had given a mass lobotomy to their students so that they know nothing but compliance to authority. What is so great about a country which is branding itself as the next dominant economic superpower if its citizens are nothing more than mere zombies without voice, freewill and free thought?


4 Responses to “The unfortunate triumph of communism”

  1. Rajiv Samuels Says:

    Communism, which is not dead, is responsible for the deaths of well over 100 million people, nearly all of them populations under their control. Hitler and the Axis powers of World War-2 were responsible for 25 -27 million people.

    Communism is alive and well in China, the most populous nation on Earth, and in Vietnam, and Cuba.

    Nazism and Communism are two sides of a coin and difference is in their levels i.e. National Socialism (Nazism) and International Socialism (communism), this is what I believe!!!!!

    The only difference between a Nazi and a Communist is the length of time each is willing to take to achieve their Objective.

    Therefore, you are wrong in your assessment of the greatest danger to freedom, which remains communism/socialism, and you only need look at what’s become of our own nation in the years since World War-2, at how socialist we ourselves have become. Our Taxes are repressive, very far removed from the lawful system set in place by our founders, and used for purposes not called for in our constitution

    The human spirit was able to flourish and succeed…as long as that human was Aryan of course. I’m not sticking up for either as I despise both…however I think in the overall picture of history…I still believe that Nazism was a greater threat.) Nazism was much different. With a few very slight changes in history, we could all be wearing Swastikas on our uniforms right now.
    I challenge you to prove me wrong.

  2. swamygee Says:

    “The human spirit was able to flourish and succeed…as long as that human was Aryan of course”
    You have a point there, the Aryan people remained one of the successfull races in the history of the world. This could be attriubted to the fact that they had the most fertile lands, had great resources, and they made great advances in science. It is true that Aryans made a great progress throught history, but at the same time I cannot say that It was because they were Aryans that they made such great progress. There’s a big difference in that. It is a bad thing when people like Hitler claim that this Aryan race is the master race under the assumption that if Europe was under a different race, say the negroids they wouldn’t have made the same progress. That is grossly wrong, there’s almost same amount of chances that they could’ve made the same amount of progress like the Aryans. So thats where I have a problem with Hitler and people who say that one race is better than other.
    Now trying to prove you wrong, Hitler surely did use communist tactics, like extreme nationalistic pride and Preaching falsely about other countries he was against and telling his country that they were enemies who should not be given a place to stay (like what Ahmadinejad is doing with his ‘World without Zionism’ propaganda). But Hitler did allow private property and enterprises to grow instead of expropriattion and forced labor. I would say Hitler was evil (and of course blindly stupid) but Stalin on other hand was both evil, Cunning and a megalomaniac. Just read about Stalin and Trotsky, you’ll know what I mean.

  3. swamygee Says:

    Ok i did some research on Hitlers’ economic policies. It is true that Hitler allowed some private property and business to prosper in his country but it turns out that he just TOLERATED them and he was bent on nationalising all the industries sooner or later. This makes him really dangerous, in some cases more than Stalin. Thank god the bastard shot himself
    For more read

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