who is thyagu from chennai?

August 9, 2007

Who is he? is he some kind of super human who has knowledge on every subject? Is he even from this planet?

Chances are, if you watch India 60 minutes on NDTV 24×7  regularly, surely the same questions would have crossed your mind. There are harldy any days when his comments dont appear on the show. His views and comments could be often be categorised as average- socialist- populist-protectorOfIndianCulture-proDeathPenalty-IndianRightWing but so are the rest of those scrolling comments on NDTV, or for that matter any other news channel. What makes thyagu special is his urge to SMS his views everyday, without fail, no matter how different the topics are. The only other person I know with such immense knowledge is Rahul Bose. Only Mr.Bose could give his views on anything from political to entertainment to sports and culture. Has he completely forgotten that he is just an actor? And the funny thing is, even Rahul Bose makes his intelligence available exclusively to NDTV? Is there any pact between NDTV and Indian intellects? If so why wasnt’ I given a call?

Anyway to answer one of life’s biggest mysteries, the origin of Thyagu, I need a small favor from people who are reading this. Please put up this question mark image on your blog/site/profile etc and link it to this post. I’m sure through the comments on this page we would surely be able to identify him. No, i’m not tricking you into increasing my view counts. This is a genuine cause to find out the most intelligent person in India, besides me, of course.

thyagu from chennai


4 Responses to “who is thyagu from chennai?”

  1. mark iv Says:

    hi… i am thiagu from chennai. i wanted to keep it as thiagu chennai from so i could then say chennai is my middle name- but never worked!

    i have lot of desa patru. since i am son of soil i have kept my last name as chennai. i wanted to keep it as black alluvial soil, but andra has patented that…
    my name,thiagu, comes from my childhood nick- ‘The Gooo’ due to my disgraceful habit of putting my nose (and consequently my snot) into every discussion

  2. swamygee Says:

    i knew it .. i had to be one of markiv’s alter egos.. ‘The Gooo’ (the other being the uninteresting, yuppie Vikram, who has nothing so say or do except carry his laptop everywhere around, even to the loo). You sir, are an imbecile, dont you have any better job than to sit there, in front of TV, everynight and spam us with your bloody nonsense. Curse be upon you!

  3. prasad Says:

    He is some socialist anti hindu worth of nothing piece of crap.

  4. […] was not surprised that I am not the only issuing red corner notices for this guy. There is a big Find and Strike Thyagu club out there trying all stuff to solve this Thyagu […]

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