is it time to abandon orkut?

November 7, 2007

Jim Morrison once said “If you make peace with authority, you become authority”

Google(orkut’s owner) just did that by sharing the IP address of a guy who posted a “demeaning” picture of shivaji (no not that film), the warrior king. Since the act could lead to another round of godhra riots and millions could lose their livelihood, the police acted swifly but ended up arresting the WRONG FUCKING PERSON!!! The sad thing was that he had to spend almost 3 weeks in jail for no fault of his.

Well so much for a company who’s unofficial motto still remains “Dont Be Evil”. The big question is even if we abandon orkut and move to Facebook, would it be any different? I mean isnt it justanother big corporation? Why do almost all of these web companies which are usually founded on sound and ethical principles end up as just another vile corporation, hardly different from Big Oil and Big Media!

More on the orkut story, read this


One Response to “is it time to abandon orkut?”

  1. Hakuna Says:

    Its business baby. Orkut aint no philanthropic entity just interested in forming a social network.It is a vile corporation – a big oil and big media.

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