A site called yiktik

February 16, 2008


After a little over 6 months in the making, we have finally launched yiktik. It went live more than a week ago, and I had sent out invites to all my friends to check it out. And check it out they did, though only a handful opted to join in. To most of them information about private equity, venture capital and even politics is deemed “serious”. I dont find anything wrong with that, I like them for what they are, just wanted to pinpoint the reason for such a low turnout. Anyway feels like much work has been done, although I’d say that only now comes the harder part of driving traffic to the site, but we’re taking it easy for a while now. I don’t quite know how this is going to turn out, we did not decide to launch the site based on Gartner or Mckinsey research reports or anything. Nowhere does it say that the “online news aggregation market” is going rise like 250% over the next 5 years. We completely based it on our “gut feeling” that there was this growing need for aggregation of news content, especially for the business people. The coming months will prove whether we were right or wrong, but nevertheless it has been a good learning experience.


3 Responses to “A site called yiktik”

  1. Brat Says:

    After a little over 6 months in the making, we have finally launched yiktik. Who’s the “we” in the above sentence, if you don’t mind my asking? šŸ˜‰

  2. swamygee Says:

    Me and a friend of mine. That technically constitutes a “We” I guess.

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